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WTF, Amazon?

Happy Easter, GLBT folks and allies, from your friends at Amazon! Your books have been stripped of sales rankings!

markprobst, writer of the now de-ranked THE FILLY, and publisher, is one of the first to post about it here, got some kind of reply/statement from an Amazon official, for what it's worth. LJ community meta_writer is compiling a list of affected books. And the nice people at Dear Author give us some more information.

What does Amazon hope to gain by this? It's not, as one commenter said, to steer people to Kindle, where the GLBT content's rankings stand. Some of the titles aren't even on Kindle, like the socially radical and threatening HEATHER HAS TWO MOMMIES, or the racy, full color sexpurgasm AM I BLUE?, an anthology of short stories with GLBT themes for teens edited by Marion Dane Bauer. [edited to correct the editor's name!]

Maybe other writers are made of sterner stuff, but I live on my online sales rankings. My mood rises and falls on them. And even worse, what a way to further disenfranchise people, to tell them their sales aren't even worth tracking.

I expected this crap during the Bush years, not now.

edited to add:

Here's more information, including Amazon's so-called rationale, from the Denver Internet Examiner.



Apr. 13th, 2009 07:21 am (UTC)
I know, right? That actually very nearly triggered my rage buttons--well, worse than before. I read Odder Than Ever in lower school, somewhere between 1st to 4th grade (probably in 2nd, really), and Am I Blue? burned itself into my mind so deeply that I dug it out again in 11th grade and this time archived a copy for all time. I agree, I think I became an ally then, without even knowing what the hell homosexuality was other than that some people are different and It's Okay Too (and then went queer years later, but). Such a beautiful story, so much incoherent rage.
Apr. 14th, 2009 02:35 pm (UTC)
Honestly, I don't have an icon angry enough for the stupidity that this whole thing is fueled by ("glitch" claim or no).

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