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lurkerwithout August 28 2014, 05:19

The Hundred-Foot Journey

For a movie that starts in Mumbai and moves to southern France, everyone in this sure does speak a lot of English.  Other than starting with a fairly gruesome mom-a-cide by fire there really isn't much that surprises here.  Not that its bad or anything.  Its just fairly predictable.  Though I could have done with more of the sub-plot where feuding restauranteurs Helen Mirren and Om Puri move from enemies to paramours.  They were a much cuter couple then the pair the story focuses on...

Lots of food porn in this as well.  I mean not literally.  Just lots of gorgeous looking meals...
bookblather August 28 2014, 05:03

Points points points points points!

What have you recently finished reading?

Since last Wednesday, the following:

Point of Hopes, Melissa Scott and Lisa A. Barnett, and Point of Knives, by Melissa Scott. I care so much about Nico and Philip being stupid and adorable about each other while fighting crime, guys. SO MUCH.

Rapunzel's Revenge and Calamity Jack, by Shannon and Bruce Hale. Graphic novels set in the wild west of fairy tales, with a lady lead and a POC lead respectively. Much recommended.

Ibid, Mark Dunn. A novel told entirely in footnotes. Interesting, but ultimately felt kind of pointlessly schticky to me.

The Sealed Letter, by Emma Donoghue. Historical fiction, one of hers based off a real-life case. I didn't like it as much as Slammerkin, but it's pretty good! Donoghue has a talent for wrenching your heart out of your chest, jumping up and down on it a few times, then putting it back and apologizing, then wrenching it out again.

What are you currently reading?

So much. Here we go:

Anahita's Woven Riddle still. I got a bit distracted by a bunch of books coming due all at once. Many of which I am still reading.

Like Corsets and Clockwork! Which is a collection of romantic steampunk short stories. Pretty white and European so far and obvious in many other ways, but the one I'm reading now involves a pair of conjoined twins, so that's new at least.

Also like JM Coatzee's Disgrace! So far it's pretty bog-standard professor has an affair and gets disgraced, but a professor I trust recommended this to me back in college, soooo here I go.

Point of Dreams, next in the Points series. Like I said, I am so invested in Nico and Philip being stupid and adorable about each other while fighting crime.

Obsession, John Douglas. It's about... it's true crime, we can stop there.

And finally, I am still reading Dark Witch (Nora Roberts), The Ugly Duchess (Eloisa James) and Jane Boleyn (Julia Fox).

I'm gonna try and finish a few over the next couple of days, cut this list down a bit.

What will you read next?

Mm. Fair's Point certainly, since I didn't know it was out and now joyfully own it. Something off my TBR pile-- either a cheesy romance novel or something about lesbians (since unfortunately the two seem mutually exclusive) (which reminds me if you know of a cheesy romance novel about lesbians hit me big). Or Terry Pratchett.

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adelheide August 28 2014, 01:35

10 Things Not to Say to an Artist or Crafter

10. “I’ll just get my friend to make me one of those.”

Okay. Fine. Does your friend make jewelry? If yes, great. If not, why are you talking to me? Go away.

9. “You know what you should make . . . ”

A knuckle sandwich, just for you?

8. “Do I get a price break if I buy two?”

Do I look like a nation-wide retailer? I'm a one-person operation. I buy the supplies, do the labor, put out the marketing, take care of the shipping, and handle all customer service.

7. “I can make that myself.”

Then go to do it and stop talking to me.

6. “Why does it cost so much?”

See the answer for #8. I don't make multiples. Heck, I don't even make duplicates. Everything you get is one-of-a-kind.

5. “How do you make this?”

With my hands, eyesight, and keen design abilities honed over many, many years.

4. “Will you donate your artwork to our event? We can’t pay you, but it will be great exposure.”

Depends. If it's for charity, with the proceeds from my piece going to said charity, then probably. If not, fuck off.

3. “My nine-year-old makes this kind of stuff too.”

I'm sure your little angel can mentally arrange colors and shapes to evoke historical images. Oh, I'm sorry, what was that? No?

2. “Kids, this is what happens if you don’t go to college.”

I went to college, fuckwad. And guess what I studied? Design and art. So, go away before I pull your spleen out through your nose.

1. “I can buy that at Walmart for $3.99.”

You sure can. It will be like hundreds of others, be made of plastic, and break in a month. So you can buy another one. It's their business model. Good luck with that.
cute_overload August 28 2014, 00:38

Rump Day: Just A Hamster Butt



talioWe’re well on our way towards another weekend- and a holiday weekend in the US at that! “Adora Belle Dearheart is a black bear hamster. At just 5 months she weighs a little over 1/2 a pound. Yes, she’s a Hefty Hammie. Our friend Andrew I. came over with his camera for a photo shoot and took about 300 pictures of her running away from the camera as well as this one. He’s vowed never to photograph a hamster again, ” says Cuteporter Lynn.

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jimhines August 27 2014, 22:16

Magical Words Guest Post: Inventing Nicola Pallas

I’ve got a guest post up at Magical Words talking about the character of Nicola Pallas.

Nicola has her own story in these books. She has to oversee a bunch of stubborn, overly bright magic-users, including my protagonist, librarian Isaac Vainio. She also has to deal with sparkling vampires attacking Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, werewolves in pickup trucks, and her least favorite thing ever: magical politics.

I had absolutely no interest in trying to show how she does all of this “despite” being autistic. Screw that. Autism, like just about anything else, can certainly present challenges, but Nicola is at a point where she understands and is pretty comfortable with how her brain works. That wasn’t something I wanted to focus on.

Click for more…

Mirrored from Jim C. Hines.

cute_overload August 27 2014, 21:38

(Updated!) Bombed By A Munk!



imageImagine yourself out hiking in the Great Outdoors when SUDDENLY—-A MUNKSTER PHOTOBOMB ATTACK! “Found this little guy hiking in the Tetons.” -Michael C. AND *! Ashley :) B!*.

image (1)

image (2)


(*We put stars and smiley faces around Ashley’s name ’cause she got left out earlier and Mikey is in the doghouse.)

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cute_overload August 27 2014, 20:56

Oh Boy, It’s a Kitten!



Oh joy and rapture! Now I have my own lit-tuhl friend to hug and play with and love and also hug! And it will sleep in my bed, and eat all my food, and chew up my toys… and… whack my nose when I’m sleeping… and…


“Was worried about how the dog would react to the new kitten,” says Redditor toniashley88. “I think it’s safe to say he’s happy about it.”

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cute_overload August 27 2014, 18:21

Cooper From Every Angle



Cuteporter Patricia B. has been busy with her camera, while Cooper zonks out on the bed. “Here’s Cooper demonstrating ROC #s 48, 50, and arguably 1,” she says. “It’s very possible that Cooper has folded paws under the green blanket. He, like all Italian Greyhounds, likes to be under blankets.” {*Note: Ya missed #99. -Ed.]


photo (1)

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cute_overload August 27 2014, 16:46

“Doesn’t Get ANY Cuter Than This Aardvark..”



1408791585868_wps_1_MANDATORY_BYLINE_PIC_BY_JThat was the headline of the Sharon B-C (Western Australia) email. She’s right, you know. And do you know how many aardvark posts we’ve had on C.O. lo these many years? Care to hazard a guess?


Outrageous. Gotta bump that number up starting RIGHT NOW!


[*Note: story is from Mail Online, but be warned, it's a sad one. -Ed.]

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cute_overload August 27 2014, 16:16

WE Made The Rules- YOU Keep Sendin’ ‘Em IN!



On the paws heels of yesterday’s Rule #50 post, comes this DUAL RULE CLASSIC. Repeat after me- “Rule Of Cuteness #40: Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.” (This one ALSO flies the Rule #50 flag quite nicely.)

“This is a of my Thelma stretched out, revealing all her belleh glory (you featured her Toe Bean Bouquet a few months back.) Is there a rule for how stretched out you are while sleeping? This pic also has sleeping in sunbeams and almost upside down paws folded over action.. Hooray for the cuteness you provide to my eyeballs and squishy feelings!!” -Jo M..

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spiralsheep August 27 2014, 15:06

In which there are haberdashery and balderdashery

- Doing naarmamo: my internet access has been a bit intermittent and I probably won’t be around tomorrow at all so have a couple of naarts today in lieu.

In ur ex-haberdashery urbexin ur fire astinguishers!


Sometimes I have these strange dreams….

Sometimes I have these strange dreams

- So, what are you doing, thinking, wondering about, reading, watching, making, or writing, that you don't usually post about?

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